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ROBLOX Rally 2011 Update

July 21, 2011

by reesemcblox


Each attendee will receive a ROBLOX Rally 2011 Poster

We are all excited for the ROBLOX Rally 2011 on August 1, which is only a week away.

Tickets are sold out, so we are already considering larger venues for next year. We have included the tentative schedule below and we have an exciting agenda planned. There will be demos of new features and as well as advanced classes on building and scripting. Most demos will include a short teach-in on the underlying code and algorithms that enable these features plus the feature in action.

We’re having the Rally in the Exploratorium museum, which has many hands-on educational science exhibits that can be experienced. To help them keep up the good work we are donating $5 per Rally attendee to The Exploratorium.

Here is the list of events for the ROBLOX Rally 2011 (tentative).

Doors open at 9:30am

On the Main Stage – Interactive Presentations

10:15am Welcome and Overview

10:30am Evolution of ROBLOX with David Baszucki

11:00am New Feature Demos and Sneak Peeks

12:15pm Lua Scripting 101

12:30pm Using ROBLOX Studio and Creating Scriptable Objects

1:00pm More New Feature Demos and Sneak Peeks

2:00pm Design the Future of ROBLOX with David Baszucki

2:30pm Ask a Famous ROBLOX Staff Member (almost) Anything

3:00pm 2011 ROBLOX Hall of Fame

ROBLOX University in the McBean Theater

11:15am ROBLOX for Parents – Getting the most out of ROBLOX as an educational tool

12:15pm Advanced Scripting Class – Body Animation, GUIs and AIs

1:15pm Under the Hood – Scaling servers and databases to keep up

with growth

2:00pm Breaking Into the Software Industry – The interns tell you how!

3:00pm Advanced Scripting Class – Body Animation, GUIs and AIs

(Repeat of earlier session for players who missed it.)

Talk to the Staff

Noon – 3:30pm, Area A and Area B

There are two spots where you can meet and talk to various members of the ROBLOX staff. Devs, interns and maybe even mods will be available for your questions.  Staff will switch out at the tables every 30 to 60 minutes. Area A is downstairs near the museum store. Area B is upstairs in the Mezzanine.

Game Test Lounge

Test out the advanced features from the demos while chatting with the Devs. Seating in the Lounge is tight; a chance to enter the Test Lounge is not guaranteed for every attendee.

Game Design Wall and Art Show

Imagine a wall comprised entirely of player creations; a display of drawings, sketches, designs, and any other artistic masterpieces.

From 9:30am-10:30am drop off your art at the base of the Mezzanine stairs – near the main entrance. From 11am-3:30pm the art will continue to be added and be displayed upstairs on the Mezzanine near Area B. Roaming staff members will stop by to enjoy your creations.

Autograph Table

Come get your poster or t-shirt signed by a famous ROBLOX staff member!

Here’s a map of the museum with Rally zones indicated in red, to help you plan your routes.

Map of the Rally

The event site will continue to be updated with helpful information for attendees. For all our players we will be tweeting, posting photos and blogging during the ROBLOX Rally 2011. Keep an eye here on our News, and you can also follow us on Twitter. See you soon!