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Camping Time!

July 23, 2011

by Sorcus


Summer is the time for some camping with friends and family. Go enjoy the woods and become one with nature. For the Robloxians who want to have the same fun camping in Robloxia, we have made some special camping items!

Camping Time


Bug Juice

Bug Juice

Made from herbs the bug juice is all about keeping you healthy and strong. It also allows you to move faster and jump higher if you need it in the wilds!






Instamatic Tent

This compressed tentbag expands into a gigantic tent instantly.





Silly Guitar

Silly Guitar

There’s always at least one guy at camp that plays the guitar. If he’s good, he can compose his own song on this guitar. If he isn’t, he can play the prerecorded tune.






Paper Sword

A sword made of paper! Uh oh! So, you can be sure that it can’t hurt anyone much, but you can always fold it to see what it says and show it off to your friends!




Please discuss the new gear items in the forums.

– Sorcus