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Welcome to Pwnsville: Master Swordsman Winners

June 8, 2011

by John Shedletsky


The long awaited day is finally here! Here are the Welcome to Pwnsville: Master Swordsmen contest winners:

Builderman’s Pick

Sword Drop by Piecrust


Brighteyes’ Pick

The Splintered Sky Thief by SethiXzon, Junkbot8, and TheBinkyP


ReeseMcBlox’s Pick

Grandpa Telamon Story by sharomokun, Javierfan, lhvvgu, and GUEST1337T


Telamon’s Pick

ROBLOX Pwnsville Master Swordsman Entry by Dragoneater567, Campean360, MKDued, Tracedasniper

Thanks to everyone who entered.  We had a lot of fun watching your videos! Each winner will receive 1000 ROBUX and Telamon’s Mystery Box.


-Builderman, Telamon, Brighteyes, ReeseMcBlox

and the whole ROBLOX crew!