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Surprise from the Admins!

June 3, 2011

by John Shedletsky


Hey guys, its that time of the year, were you are done with school, having fun with friends(and spending lots of time on ROBLOX, of course). Hence, we decided that we should make something special for you! Tada! Admin themed gears! Take a look for yourself.



Hunk Potion

RobloTim’s RobloHunk Potion Want to be the next superstar in town? Then this potion is for you! Brewed by our very own RobloTim, this potion make you into a solid weight lifting champion. Huge muscles, strong arms and bonus to all your stats!






Brighteyes’s Sparkling Shillelagh Made with solid oak, and sprinkled with some Brighteyes’s magic, this sparkling Shillelagh, will help you bend some bones!





Death Star

JediTkacheff’s DeathStar Crafted using futuristic techniques by JediTkacheff, this DeathStar is capable of dealing critical damage on the offensive and shielding its wielder on the defensive, as it is commanded.






HotThoth’s Voodoo Doll Created in his own image, this cuddly doll is enchanted with some ancient magic. Only given to his special apprentices, this doll uses its magic to help its wielder.




Please discuss the new gear items in the forums.

– Sorcus