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Summer Intern Roll Call Pt. 2!

June 28, 2011

by reesemcblox


We have so many summer interns this year that it takes two blog posts just to introduce them all! All the interns are college students working with the staff in various areas. When they come to work at ROBLOX for the summer they gain valuable game development experience!


Working On The Game

Cyrion goes to the University of California at Berkeley. He is working for Gemlocker on exciting new features that I’m not sure we can tell you about yet, but I will anyway. They are working on a way to generate a whole place with random terrain, roads and other things – in under a minute!

His favorite games are League of Legends, Half Life and Portal 2!

Here is what he says about himself…

“ROBLOX is an amazing game because it gives the community the power to make whatever they cyrionwant. I’m glad that I have this chance to make the game better and hopefully my work (top secret for now!) will make it easier for the community to make the game better, too!"

I chose to study computer science because I can write a piece of code once and then an unlimited number of people can use it. Not many jobs can do that.”

And his message to you… “I encourage all of you to try making something, it’s really fun!”


Working On The Website

ZombieUnicornAttack goes to Harvey Mudd College. She is working for ostrichSized and with Andythedino on lots of little improvements to the website. They are cleaning up the code!

Her favorite games are boardgames!

Here is what she says about herself…

“ROBLOX is an amazing environment to work in. Everyone is really helpful, but more importantly, everyone working at ROBLOX truly cares about the product and everyone who plays it. It’s so inspiring to be able to work with such smart, ZombieUnicornAttackdedicated people.

I am majoring in Computer Science and Math. I have always been a math and science geek, and I love solving puzzles. When I took my first Computer Science class in college, I automatically knew that it was what I wanted to do!”

And her message to you… “May the Force be with you.”


Working On Marketing Interviews 

ChelBM goes to San Francisco State University. She is working for me conducting interviews of players over the phone! We contact them on Facebook and, with their parent’s permission, have been learning what makes them love ROBLOX. Her favorite question to ask them is, “If you were King or Queen of ROBLOX for a day, what would you change or add?” 

Her favorite games are Sims, Farmville and Tetris!

ChelBMHere is what she says about herself…

“ROBLOX is fun, creative and challenging!  


Although my major in school is Industrial Design, I hope to use my Marketing Minor when I finally am able to open up my own Industrial Design Business.”

And her message to you… “Play like there is no tomorrow!”


Working On The Website

Andythedino goes to the University of California at Berkeley. He is working for ostrichSized and with ZombieUnicornAttack on lots of little improvements to the website. They are cleaning up the code!

His favorite game is Portal2!

Here is what he says about himself…

“I am definitely having a great time interning at Roblox this summer.  There are plenty of opportunities to learn new andythedinothings and help make Roblox a better experience for everyone.

I have always loved programming, which is why I am studying Computer Science as an undergraduate college student. Outside of school, I seek opportunities to do more coding as a hobby.

And his message to you… “Work hard, party harder.”


Working On The Game 

SandraT goes to the University of California at Berkeley. She is working for timobius and olive71. She is helping them make ROBLOX Studio work on both Windows and Mac computers – cross platform! It’s advanced.

Her favorite games are PC Games and apps like Farm Story!

Here is what she says about herself…

“Roblox is a big family where people love their jobs and are excited about everything here. They are looking for improvements, ideas and creativity for the Roblox world. The main goal here is  to make Roblox "cooler.”

I really love the environment here. People are fun, loving and caring.

sandraTI love games. I played all kinds of video games that you can think of. I had my first computer when I was 10. (I knew that a lot of children today have their first computer way earlier than I do. But for my case, it is quite early back at my time. LOL) I grew up in a technology family where many of my family members had a career about technology. Therefore, being in front of computer is more like a thing I am so used to already rather than habit. Yet, I do love Computer Science.  =D

It is a great pleasure to have family like this in Roblox.”

And her message to you… “Play hard, learn hard. And remember Roblox always tries to bring the coolest things to you.”

You can welcome all the new interns on our forums!