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Summer Intern Roll Call Pt. 1!

June 15, 2011

by reesemcblox


We have so many summer interns this year that it’s going to take two blog posts just to introduce them all! All the interns are college students working with the staff in various areas. When they come to work at ROBLOX for the summer they gain valuable game development experience!


Working On Web Servers

Atrippy goes to the University of California at Berkeley. He works for Matt Dusek on the Web Services team, which is the team that deals with all the website servers that keep the ROBLOX website up and running. He is working on a super secret project he calls “RobloNet” but we think he just made that up on the spot.

His favorite games are boardgames!

Here is what he says about himself…

”The ROBLOX community is nice and very helpful! I’d also like to give a shout out to everypony in the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic group. I have truly made some magical friends there. Computer science is the one discipline where you can sit down and build things with just your mind. If you can dream it, you can build it. That’s why I’m a programmer, and why all of you should learn a little scripting too!”

And his message to you… “Learn to script/program! Start with little things and work your way up. Don’t give up, it doesn’t take a genius, just dedication and passion.”


Working On Game Art

tarabyte just graduated from the Art Institute of California. She is working with Jahrblox to create new in-game icons and themed kits for the stamper tool! 

Her favorite games are RPG and Action Adventure games such as Final Fantasy and Assassin’s Creed.

Here is what she says about herself…

”My love for Disney and animation brought me to the college I went to, and there I realized how much I love to build 3D environments.”

And her message to you… “ I hope you all will enjoy the new kits I’m making, and create some amazing places with them!”


Working On Hats and 3D Objects

totbl also goes to the Art Institute of California, but he and tarabyte didn’t know each other from before. He is working directly with Brighteyes on making hats and body packages. He’s also working on a super secret 3D modeling project that will change the ROBLOX experience forever!

His favorite games are the Zelda and Mario Nintendo games.

Here is what he says about himself…

”ROBLOX is a unique place to work with equally unique and interesting people. I’ve loved video games and 3D art since I was little, and now I get to work on both at ROBLOX.”

And his message to you… “Keep on building!”


Working on Creating Gear

Newtrat (pronounced Newt-rat) goes to Stanford University. He is working mostly with Telamon. He will be writing Lua scripts and creating the new gear items that are coming out!

His favorite games are classics such as Spyro the Dragon and Final Fantasy XII.

Here is what he says about himself…

”I’ve only been here a day, but it was a pretty great day. I started programming (in Visual Basic) in high school, and I’ve liked it ever since. It feels really good to create something that many other people can use, especially if that thing is something fun like a game. I’d imagine so many of you create your own games in ROBLOX for the same reason. More selfishly, I like bossing around computers!”

And his message to you… “I hope you have a fun summer!”

You can welcome the new interns on our forums!