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ROBLOX Rally 2011 Update

June 28, 2011

by reesemcblox


ROBLOX Rally 2011We are hard at work at ROBLOX HQ organizing the upcoming ROBLOX Rally 2011. We are going to create a powerful experience for everyone in attendance.Some updates to share:

Tickets will not be sold at the door, so reserve your spot now. Depending upon ticket volumes we may need to create a cut-off date for purchases, so if you are planning on traveling please purchase your tickets now. We have ROBLOXians attending from as far as Hong Kong, England, New York, Miami and Alaska!

David.Baszucki, Telamon, Brighteyes and I are creating an action-packed agenda for our first-ever ROBLOX Rally. We’re combining your ideas from the forums with input from our superstar Devs to create a mind-blowing experience for everyone.

Here is a sneak peek at the agenda (with more to come!)…

  • Main Stage: Keynote speeches and amazing demos to give you access to. You will experience the cutting edge of ROBLOX development. 
    • The Evolution of ROBLOX with David Baszucki
    • Demo BLOWOUT – Our team will reveal top-secret features that will blow you away and take ROBLOX to another level of awesomeness.
    • In-depth discussions of feature development with Telamon – we want to get your thoughts
    • Q&A with the Devs – get your questions answered!
    • Place reviews and advice from our panel of experts
    • The Future of ROBLOX
  • Exploratorium photo by HarshLight“How To” Sessions: Become a more skilled builder and a Lua scripting powerhouse. There will be beginner and master level sessions including: 
    • Beginning Building
    • Advanced Building Class: GUIs, Weapons, Data Saving
    • Beyond Free Models: Using ROBLOX Studio Like a Pro
  • If that’s not enough, we will also have:
    • A gaming lounge where you can experience the new features firsthand and battle against the Devs.
    • An amazing Game Design Wall, comprised entirely of your creations, so get busy making some wicked cool drawings, sketches, designs, and any other artistic masterpieces to show off at the Rally.

As we get closer to selling out, you need to check out the ROBLOX Rally 2011 event site. Parents can ask us any final questions from there.  We’re updating it daily.

And we promise, ROBLOX Rally 2011 is going to be intense!