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From the Shadows!

May 07, 2011

by John Shedletsky


With the grand war between Korblox and the Knights of RedCliff imminent, the Ninja and the Samurai factions are offering their allegiance. The Ninjas going for the highest bounty, and the Samurai for honor, they each bring these powerful weapons to the battlefield. Lets see what they have!!



Bamboo Dart Blowgun

Bamboo Dart BlowgunCarefully concealed under a Ninja’s armor, this Blowgun made of Bamboo is capable of shooting 3 deadly darts at ridiculous speeds! Doing critical damage to their opponents, this is used to weaken their opponents before the Ninja’s close in on the final blow.





Ninja Sai

Ninja Sai The Ninjas prefer items which are compact, light and deadly. Filling all of these criteria’s is the lethal Sai. It comes in pairs and allows the Ninja to move faster and hit harder as they close in.





Twin Kodachi

Twin Kodachi The Kodachi are the legendary short swords used by the Samurai. Among these are the extremely rare ones that come as twin blades. With their lightness and swiftness, the Kodachi allow for attacking at incredible speeds and allow its wielder to move with ease.





RedCliff Eagle

Noble RedCliff Eagle As the RedCliff Knights march towards the Wizard Tower, they are accompanied by their loyal guardians, the Eagles. The presence of the Eagles aides the Knights by boosting their morale and strength. But beware, attacking a Knight of the RedCliff earns you the wrath of the powerful Eagles.




Want to be a part of the Knights of the RedCliff and get early updates on the upcoming war? Join us here.

How will the war turn out? For that answer you will have to wait and see!

Please discuss the new gear items in the forums.

– Sorcus