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Beacon of Hope

May 2, 2011

by Sorcus


With the invasion from the outer realms looming over Robloxia, the best scientists are put to the test to come up with the necessary technology to combat this threat. These experiments from Robloxia’s brightest minds has invented some of the craziest gears yet! Lets look at their progress!!




Atmoblaster 777With their hard work paying off, the scientists have finally come up with the ultimate version of the Atmoblaster, Atmoblaster 777. Capable of blowing away the opponents by shooting particles at ridiculous speeds, this version is sure to help out in the upcoming war by blowing up the deflector shields!





Battle Axe

Taser Blade With the Atmoblaster taking care of the deflector shields and ranged weaponry, close range combat is more important. With it rises the need for alien technology. For this purpose, this powerful Taser Blade was invented. The Taser Blade is very quick, and in addition to being a sword, also has the ability to shock the opponents making them unable to move for a short period of time.





Sword and Shield

Fermion Blade With its ability to remove opponents with a blink of an eye, this blade injects powerful and toxic Fermion particles into the opponents. If the enemy is weaker, the particles grow stronger causing an inner explosion.





Bow and Arrow

Scythe of Singularity With the taser blade and fermion blade’s ability to dispose opponents quickly, the Scientists sought a way to invent a weapon that can effectively take on multiple opponents at the same time. This Scythe was born as a result. With its lightness and ability to swing fast this is powerful in the hands of a true trooper. But beware of its true potential. With the ability to create a point of singularity pulling everything in and annihilating them in the process.




Please discuss the new gear items in the forums.

– Sorcus