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Wizard Tower Loot!

April 11, 2011

by John Shedletsky



Early this week, the wizard towers in northern part of Robloxia were looted! As I took a stroll through the black market, I’ve found these treasured items were offered for auction! Can you believe that? I quickly went and swiped them for a good deal! Now I offer those treasured items for you to enjoy!



Princess Mischief's Wand

Princess Mischief’s Wand From the collection of the renowned Princess Mischief comes this magical wand that is said to change anyone to look like what the princess wants to see!





Spell Book of Drakovin

Spell Book of Drakovin From the dark ages of the wizards, comes this book of dark magic that debuffs anyone and everyone around its wielder.





Staff of Celestial LightStaff of Celestial LightWhere there is darkness there is light. With the purpose of its creation only to help others, this staff knows not to discriminate. The more you help, the more the staff helps you!





Staff of the Raging StormStaff of the Raging Storm As you hold this fiery staff, power surges through you, allowing you to cast two of the most powerful spells synthesized by Wizards, Immolate and Firestorm!





Please discuss the new gears in the forums.

– Sorcus