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When Holidays Collide!

April 22, 2011

by Brighteyes


ROBLOX is excited about Earth Day and Easter Weekend! To celebrate we’ve released a ton of awesome things for the most awesome game players in the world – you! They’ll only be here for a short time – so check them out today!


Marshmellow Chirp Everyone’s favorite deliciously sugary candy is back! I like mine stale in real life, but I guess pixels never go stale.






Magic Carrot Transform yourself into a rabbit and get super rabbit powers! Run faster and fire punch anyone who gets in your way!






Bunny He’s adorable and here just in time to celebrate with you!






Egg Fuse Bomb This egg is an explosion wrapped in a a detonator wrapped in a blow up! Can you say chain reaction?





We’ve also got a huge collection of Earth Day Hats and accessories that you can check out here.

Talk about our awesome holiday items on the forums.