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Group Theory

April 28, 2011

by John Shedletsky


In some of my previous blog posts, I’ve hinted that the ROBLOX Team has an expanded vision for the future of groups that we are going to slowly be rolling out piece by piece over the next several months.

One of the first steps we are taking is to allow all ROBLOX users to declare allegiance to a primary group. Most ROBLOX players are members of many different groups. Your primary group is the one that you care the most about.

How to Declare a Primary Group

First, go to the page of any group that you are a member of.image

Click the “Make Primary” button. That’s it!

Your Primary Group Will Appear on Your Profile Page

This is great advertising for your primary group! It also says something about who you are to anyone looking at your page.


Your Primary Group Will Also Appear in Your Forum Posts


Fun math fact: users are injective, but not surjective on primary groups. Ask your parents, they probably won’t know what that means.

– Telamon