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For Honor and Glory!

April 16, 2011

by John Shedletsky



With their tower looted, the weakened Wizards are struggling to hold off a Zombie invasion from the freezing mountains of Korbloxia. Hearing of their zombie troubles, their honorable allies – the Knights of RedCliff have started marching from the center of Robloxia to the Wizard’s mighty tower. The question that remains to be answered is – how many Knights are willing to join the fray!?!



Morning Star

Morning Star Used greatly by many of the Knights of the RedCliff order, this morning star is capable of not only hurting the opponents but also breaking their joints. So, what happens when it hits the head?





Battle Axe

Battle Axe Said to be so heavy that it needs a RedCliff Knight to hold it with both arms, this humongous weapon slams anyone and everyone before it!





Sword and Shield

Enchanted Sword and Shield The experienced RedCliff Knights insist on defense as much as offense. What better way is there for a Knight to defend himself than a shield?





Bow and Arrow

Long Bow and Arrow To honor his fellow Knights, the Supreme Commander presents this very special and rare longbow. With incredible range and powerful fire arrows, this will tremendously help the Knights in their battle against the Zombies!





Please discuss the new gear items in the forums.

– Sorcus