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Facebook Connect!

April 5, 2011

by reesemcblox



FacebookLoginWe have a new Facebook login feature to make things easier for our players who are Facebook users.

Signing in with Facebook is optional, but for Facebook users it means they won’t have to make a separate login for ROBLOX. We hope this makes things a bit easier for veteran and new users alike.

What will happen depends on each user’s current status between their ROBLOX account and Facebook.

  • Already connected?

    You’ll be logged into your connected ROBLOX Account.
  • Have an account but not connected?

    You can select a ROBLOX account to connect to.
  • New user? 

    You will be asked to create a ROBLOX name for your account!
Have an account or make a new one

Note: The next time you log in using Facebook you will be put into your most recently used ROBLOX account.

And if you ever want to change your account or stop using Facebook to login you can disconnect on the My ROBLOX page.

Pretty cool!