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Cowboy Explosion from the Wild West!

April 4, 2011

by John Shedletsky



Hidden within the Wild West of Robloxia, comes this Cowboy gear explosion! With plenty of wild weapons that is sure to satisfy any and every Cowboy’s thirst, the question one has to answer is, which is these is the wildest of them all!?!

Cowboy Sheriff


Deputy Bobby's Cowboy BootsDeputy Bobby’s Cowboy Boots This renowned pair of boots from the Deputy will not only help fellow cowboys run faster but also jump higher, much higher!





Colonel's Cavalry SabreColonel’s Cavalry Sabre From the workshops of the Colonel’s swordsmith, comes this Sabre said to help its wielder locate vital spots of their opponents. The closer you are, the harder it hits.





Sheriff Finnster's Seven-ShooterSheriff Finnster’s Seven-ShooterWith the Deputy and Colonel offering some of their treasured items, the Sheriff decided to step it up and present us with one of his finest guns! This special weapon comes in pairs! Be sure to aim for the head!





Crate of Snakes Crate of Snakes Treacherous Cowboys like to slowly drain the opponents of their strength. What better way is there than to toss a crate full of snakes!





Please discuss the new gears in the forums. And oh yes, my Horse rocks!

– Sorcus