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Sword Spirit!

March 21, 2011

by John Shedletsky


Taking a stroll through Robloxia, we noticed the Sword Fighting Champions with their blades swinging and slashing at everything that they could find. Eager to honor their Sword fighting spirits and to fuel the upcoming warriors we decided to let them further polish their skills, with some brand new blades!

Sword Fighters Spirit

Righteous FuryKnights Elder BladeIt is said that the Knights, once wielded blades that grew stronger as an enemy’s morale weakens. Time to test your knighthood!





Pirate Lieutenants CutlassT’ Cutlass was wielded by t’ best Pirate Lieutenants. Now what pirate doesn’t like t’ poison their opponents. “





Spring’s Sword of Growth This sword represents growth of Spring. Blooming and pleasant all around us, it is definitely the time to grow. But don’t be surprised, when this blade really grows on ya!





Shadow Dancer From the deepest corners of Robloxia, comes this dark blade believed to make one a legendary dual fighter.





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– Sorcus