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Ninja Showdown

March 10, 2011

by John Shedletsky


Our two-week-long ninja party is drawing to a close! Even ninjas get tired and must retreat to the shadows to rest. And wait. And watch. So if you haven’t had a chance yet, grab some friends and check out the ninja game! (or the tougher version). Maybe you can beat my records B) [Youtube account: TheHotThoth]. Also, we once again have a limited-time gear-testing place open, so you can try out the gears before you buy!


KunaiKunaiThese deadly daggers are kept hidden within the folds of the ninja’s robes, awaiting the moment where the ninja plucks them seemingly out of thin air, and hurls them with pinpoint accuracy towards the enemy. Also popular at ninja parties for attaching tails to donkeys.



Blink Talisman of the Shadow ClanBlink Talisman of the Shadow ClanThe secret technique of the elusive Shadow Clan allows the ninja to escape danger by suddenly teleporting a short distance in any direction–even through walls! Don’t blink–you might miss it.



Bo Staff of the Dragon WarriorBo Staff of the Dragon WarriorThis staff used to be legendary for its ability to temper and calm the spirits of fighters into deep meditation. But one day a warrior appeared with a spirit so fiery that he bent the fierce will of the staff with a single touch. Now it remains hot to the touch on even the coldest day, as if a part of the dragon was still left somewhere inside it.


Golden Chakram of the Sky PalaceGolden Chakram of the Sky PalaceThis chakram was said to belong to a reclusive group of ninjas so enlightened that it was said they could communicate with inanimate objects. Legend has it they never carried more than one weapon, because they could call out to it from anywhere in the world, and it would always faithfully return.




New Game: Temple of the Ninja Masters!

Alone at the edge of the world sits a sacred temple, guarded by 4 powerful Ninja Masters, each given control of one of the elements. Many brave and powerful warriors have attempted to plunder the treasures of this temple, but all who have attempted it have failed. Until nao. Can you and your crew of the world’s most resourceful pirates stand against the might of the Ninja Masters? Only time will tell. [For those seeking an even greater challenge, there is also an extra-hard difficulty mode]


Please discuss the new gear in the forums.

– HotThoth