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Minuet Men

March 15, 2011

by John Shedletsky

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It’s deep into the heart of March. And what could be a more fitting way of celebrating March than… a march? Pomp and circumstance have been a part of militaries going all the way back to the stone age. Although their instruments were a lot less shiny back then, the spirit of those first marching bands lives on in the grand parades of Robloxia today. Also, we added explosions.

Musical magical March marching band of brothers?

Sonic TubaSonic TubaWith only some minor tinkering and a few dozen rock concert subwoofers, we’ve created the first tuba to break the sound barrier! The deep tones are just so… moving.




TornadeWe needed a wind instrument for our marching band, but also wanted a grenade. So we stuck a tornado in a grenade. Problem solved!





GuitarmyGuitarmyThe perfect instrument for shredding those solos and explosive finales. Great for heavy metal music, or just rocking out with friends. It’s just our way of saying “tanks”.




Sword of AttritionSword of AttritionThis sword embodies the virtues of hard work, discipline, and perseverance. It is said that with enough tenacity, its strength knows no bounds. And without enough tenacity, it still looks really pretty!




Please discuss the new gear in the forums, and try them out in the limited-time gear-testing place!

– HotThoth