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April Fools: Prank a Pop Star!

March 31, 2011

by John Shedletsky



Summary: This year ROBLOX is taking April Fools to YouTube with our “Prank a Pop Star” Video Contest! We want you, our players, to make a ROBLOX video that spoofs or pranks a music pop star. You get to be the fooler instead of the foolee. Not like that other time.

– – –

The Telamon Chaos Institute is pranking pop stars… for Science! We want to take the world’s least favorite pop stars and subject them to incredible levels of epic radiation exposure from Epic Duck. We hope to determine the correlation coefficient between ducks, pop stars, and hilarity!

Unfortunately, Epic Duck is one rare bird, and the institute only has access to derivative samples: Evil Duck and the simple scion of Epic Duck, Rubber Duckie. We will use these as substitutes.

imageHow to Enter… for Science!

  1. Make a video in a ROBLOX game where you spoof or prank a music pop star! The video must include Evil Duck or Rubber Duckie somewhere in there (possible hidden like Waldo, or possibly as a trap!).
  2. Upload your video to YouTube and tag it “EpicScience” and “ROBLOX” and also the name of the pop star you are pranking.

You have all weekend to upload videos. Then, starting on Monday April 4th the judges – Brighteyes, ReeseMcBlox, Builderman and myself – will start watching your videos. We’re each going to pick 1 winner.

I don’t know how the others will do it, but I’ll be combing the internets (YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, the ROBLOX Forums, etc) looking for buzz. What is the spoof video everyone is talking about? Is it hilarious?! IS IT A VICTORY FOR SCIENCE??!! If you’ve got a great video – get the word out. We’ll find you.

The prize for the 4 winning videos will be 1000 ROBUX and a Telamon’s Mystery Box. The winners will be announced on April 8, 2011 late in the day, like at night, or whenever the Institute feels like it (I’m a busy man).


I already know the questions you will ask, so here are the answers:

– Submissions must be uploaded by noon Pacific, Monday April 4, 2011.

– There is no entry prize (sorry!).

– Up to 4 players can be listed on the description or credits as the ‘team’ who made the movie. They will each get 1000 ROBUX and a box if the video wins.

– You can make as many entries as you like – but you should focus your promotion efforts to get a lot of views and favorites.

– It doesn’t have to have sound, but really that would be the best idea since it’s a spoof of a pop star.

– You can’t post a YouTube link on ROBLOX but you can say your username there so people can search for you. “Search Telamon on YouTube!”

So get going on your Prank a Pop Star video! Remember to tag it with “EpicScience” and “ROBLOX” and the name of the pop star. We’re looking forward to checking out your awesome videos.

– Telamon

The Telamon Chaos Institute is not responsible for the side effects you may suffer from short or long term exposure to Epic radiation while conducting these experiments.

The Telamon Chaos Institute does not endorse pranking pop stars unless done in the name of Science.

Friends, employees, and family members of the Telamon Chaos Institute are eligible to enter and may or may not receive preferential treatment, depending on whether we are having a good day or a bad day.

Stated cash value of the prize is zero dollars. No substitute prizes will be awarded. If you own a TMB already, and you expect to win, clearly you should just sell it cuz I’ll give you another one. Don’t ask me stupid questions.

Residents of the state of Maine are allowed to enter.

In case of dispute, an adjudicator will be named to resolve all issues. In all cases the adjudicator’s decision is final and legally binding.

No ducks, no pop stars, no science, no prize. It’s just that simple. Stop reading these.

You fully assign all rights to any submission you make to the Telamon Chaos Institute to be used for promotional purposes.