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Enter the Bunny

February 18, 2011

by John Shedletsky

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As you may know, two weeks ago marked the beginning of the Chinese New Year! We have officially left the year of the tiger and are now in the year of the rabbit. As everyone knows, both animals of course are famous for having the mysterious ability to disappear and reappear at the whim of people wearing magician hats. So in honor of the new year and magical fuzzy animals, Sorcus and I here at Roblox Gearmaker Headquarters have put together some celebratory gears for just such an occasion!

Get Down!

Sword of the Spirit of MahjongSword of the Spirit of MahjongWhat’s more fun than a friendly game of Mahjong to celebrate the new year? While the game is traditionally played using tiles, it seems one friendly player brought a friendly sword to discourage friendly cheating.



T. LongT. LongSince Tigers and Dragons are mortal enemies, now that the tiger is gone, dragons don’t need to stay hidden anymore. For those of you who don’t know, Chinese dragons are a lot like European dragons, except with much better manners. Instead of trying to eat maidens and set fire to towns, Chinese dragons embody wisdom, luck, and power, and can control the elements. Ok, so maybe they’re not that similar.

Dance BlastaDance BlastaGot a spot of uncelebration in your celebration? Blast it with boogie!





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– HotThoth