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Advertise This Group

February 03, 2011

by John Shedletsky



Groups, clans, armies, corporations and other socially cohesive entities of ROBLOX: this year’s development plan includes several upgrades to our user group feature. We have released the first: group advertising!

Group owners can now run advertisements for their groups in the same way that players can advertise their places, models, and clothing. Group owners can also grant the “can advertise this group” privilege to any rank in the group to allow other group members of this rank to also run ads for the group.


It will be interesting to see over the next several weeks what effect this change will have on group dynamics. Will it become easier to launch a new group and fill it up with members quickly? Or will existing giant groups with bottomless pockets spend their way to world… err… ROBLOX domination? What other group improvements is the ROBLOX team working on, and when will they be announced? Only time will tell!

– Telamon