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Weekend Gear Update

January 29, 2011

by John Shedletsky


When you’re dodging giant mechs, running away from zombie disasters, or building your own spaceship, it’s easy to get lost in the future. So this week, we’re going back 100 years into the past. To a simpler time, before mutants and cyborgs took over. To back when n00bs tried to steal your cattle, and not your internets.

The fiddler's on vacation

First AidThe First Aid KitFor when you need aid… first! With this handy little briefcase, you can help keep your teammates feeling their best!





SledgehammerSledgehammerIn the old west, sledgehammers were very popular tools for helping to build the railroads. In Roblox, sledgehammers are very popular tools for helping to destroy the railroads… and anything else that needs destroying.




SaxophoneSuperior SaxophoneBefore there were rock gods, there were saxophone soloists. Some were rumored to be so good that they could make the sun itself cry for joy. The former owner of this saxophone–was even better.



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– HotThoth