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Exploits, 3D Performance, and Group Building!

January 6, 2011

by John Shedletsky


Hello ROBLOXia! We put out a new release of ROBLOX this morning. It fixes a bunch of nasty crashes, and it has some cool other stuff:

Place Copying Exploit Patched

The place copying exploit that has been allowing some unscrupulous users to steal copy-locked places has been patched and confirmed to work. This was the only known working place copy exploit.

3D Graphics Performance Improved

The graphics team is continuing their work on improving ROBLOX’s 3D graphics performance. This release offers a 10-20% speedup on low-end graphics cards.

Group Building Enabled for All Users

We introduced Group Building as a BC Beta feature more than a year ago. Group building is still very much a beta feature – we’re still working on improving it, mostly through our work with ROBLOX: Blazing Man, but we’ve decided to open it for free members as well. Check out the original Group Building blog post for more details. You can enter a group building place from any group’s page that you have building permissions for.




Until next time,

– Telamon