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ROBLOX Turkey Hunt 2010

November 24, 2010

by John Shedletsky



Happy Thanksgiving ROBLOXia!

Everyone knows the fall brings three things; turkey, pumpkin pie, and most importantly a ROBLOX Thanksgiving hunt to remember. So throw on your favorite Pilgrim hat, and grab your musket, ‘cause this year Thanksgiving dinner ain’t coming from the grocery store. However, this is not an easy task. Scientists have recently confirmed that turkeys are the smartest animals on earth (actual science may be a lie).


The twist? These turkeys aren’t your average turkeys, they are your fellow ROBLOXians!

The objective of the game differs for each team. Each turkey’s objective is simply to survive the round. If they somehow manage to succeed, they get a whopping 30 points!

The hunters, on the other hand, are a very competitive bunch. They’re out to score the most points out of all of the other hunters. There are a few ways to score points in this game. Devise a strategy to reel in the most!

  • Survive a round as a turkey: 50 points
  • Cook a turkey with a log: 30 points
  • Cook a log with a log: 2 points (I’m not coming to your house for dinner!)




Hints and Tips

Remember hunters: turkeys are fast, aggressive and are nearly impossible to find in the bushes and trees of ROBLOXia Farm. Armed with a musket and an insatiable desire for a hefty turkey dinner, it may be easy to forget as a hunter that you only get points for the turkeys you manage to cook. This requires the hunters to find firewood to fuel their pilgrim oven.

Turkeys: you will find a number of secret places to hide in this level. Sometimes you will have to make the decision to stand pat in a secret spot, rather than running into the open where everyone can see you. Playing as a turkey is often your biggest opportunity to score points.

ROBLOX would like to thank Kuunan, TengoLa, GollyGreg and eumesmo92 for building this year’s Turkey Hunt map!

Happy Thanksgiving!

– Kuunan, TengoLa, GollyGreg, eumesmo92 & Telamon