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Decorate the ROBLOX Office Contest

November 29, 2010

by Becky "reesemcblox" Herndon

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Dear ROBLOXians,

The ROBLOX team has moved into new digs.  As you can see by the photos, the walls are quite bare!                                

Hallway WebTeam
ClientTeam Empty

We want to decorate our offices with posters showing creations made by ROBLOXians!  To do so, we are having a "Decorate the ROBLOX Office" contest." We will take the photo submissions and blow them up into giant posters for our walls!

Here’s how it works:

1.  Take a picture of something you have created.  Have someone take the picture for you and include yourself in the picture.  Examples of things you have created could include:

  • Illustration of science projectModel Rocket
  • Science Fair Project
  • Something made with construction toys – K’Nex, MegaBlocks, LEGO, Fischertecnik etc
  • Halloween Costume
  • A garden you have planted
  • Go cart
  • A fort or tree fort
  • Artwork
  • Train set you built
  • A game you have designed
  • Electronics creation
  • A modified bike or scooter
  • Anything else creative!

2.  Have your parent or guardian email us the picture to [email protected], along with a sentence giving permission to display it in our office. The photo should be an attachment to the email. You must include your ROBLOX user name in the title of the email.

3.  Reese, Builderman, Telamon and the ROBLOX team will pick pictures that show amazing creativity. Once the winners are chosen they will be immortalized as poster decorations in the office!  We will show the winning creations on our blog (with faces obscured).  All winning entries will receive a prize.

The collecting of images and judging will take about a month, so just hang tight until we announce the winners. Talk more about this on our forums!



David Baszucki / Builderman