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Walk Like a… Newt?

October 22, 2010

by John Shedletsky

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Halloween is like a giant masquerade ball–it’s all about the costumes; so this week, we gathered Robloxia’s best high fashion designers to come up with some crazy accessories and accoutrements to make any outfit magical.

Don't worry--I got better

Jumpin’ Jack’s Trick And Treat BagEvil Jack’s back with a new bag of tricks–and it’s hungry! If you feed it enough unhappiness (or certain pumpkins), it may give you a treat in return.




Acursed Mummy Hand of HeadshotArm yourself with… another arm! Harness all the strength of this angry zombie hand to really lose your head. A must-buy for headhunters.




Witch WandThey say people and animals have been disappearing from the Western Woods, but the amphibian population seems to be doing quite well…




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– HotThoth