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ROBLOX Cards Now Available at Best Buy and GameStop

October 31, 2010

by John Shedletsky


We are pleased to announce that ROBLOX Cards are now available at participating Best Buy and GameStop stores in the United States. You can use the ROBLOX Card to purchase Robux or a Builder’s Club membership.

For those of you not familiar with prepaid cards – here’s how it works:

You purchase a $10 ROBLOX Card at Best Buy, GameStop or one of our other retail partners. Don’t know where your nearest store is? Check out our handy store locators at

Once you have your card, you can login to ROBLOX and go to Scratch off the section on the back of the card that hides the secret code needed to activate your card. The code on the back of the card can only be used once so be sure not to purchase a card if the back is already scratched off. Enter the code and click redeem. POW! You’re ready to spend your ROBLOX credits on Robux or Builder’s Club.