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Hat Tricks… and the Undead!

October 20, 2010

by John Shedletsky


When it comes to putting things on your head, Robloxians always stay on top of all the latest fashion trends. Whether you’re feeling foolish, fabulous, or fangy, we’ve got a hat for all occasions!

We also have a very special guest appearance from two very busy fellows who are usually buried in their work: King Tut’s Mummy and Sir Skelington! Our skeletal friend may be nothing but skin and bones–and no skin–but the mummy at least kept himself surprisingly well-preserved. He’s 3000 years old, but he doesn’t look a day over 400! So check out both these brand new (and yet so very, very old) bodies today! And remember: while our guests may be around forever (they’re always popping up now and again), the skeleton body is a limited time only deal!

Talk about the new releases in the forums.

– HotThoth