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Kickin’ It At The Crypts

October 2, 2010

by John Shedletsky

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Halloween is upon Robloxia–let the festivities begin! To kick off our celebration, we’ve got a little dash of color and funk to spice up the first week of October.

Bringin' da funkz

Paintball Gun: Halloween Edition – What’s black and orange and bloxed all over? Everything!

Monster Mash Potion – You know what your problem is? Y’ain’t got the funk. But I’ve got the funk. I keep it right here, in this bottle. It’s a groove so strong, it can wake the dead. And then make them boogie.

Witch’s Insta-Cauldron – Double, double toil and trouble; fire burn and cauldron bubble. Now comes without any of the toil and trouble! The perfect accessory for all those looking to make a quick entrance onto the witchcraft scene.

7-11 Magic Card – To celebrate the release of Roblox cards in 7-11 stores, we’ve created a limited edition card with the ability to change magically at random into one of 9 classic Roblox food gears. Foods include banana peels, cake, Bloxiade, BloxyCola, and various fast foods.

Talk about the new gear in the forums.

– HotThoth