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ROBLOX Birthday Weekend

September 03, 2010

by John Shedletsky


We are continuing our birthday celebration here at ROBLOX HQ with a great selection of birthday gear this weekend.

Pinata – One of the best parts of a lot of birthday parties, this pinata can take a beating. Keep at it, though, and you might be surprised with what you find. Press the mouse button to hang up the pinata, but be careful! You only get one pin up per spawn!

ROBLOX Grab Bag – Any good party always has party favors right? Click while this is equipped to receive a party gift. Many fabulous goodies come out of this bag, which one will you get?

Confetti Cannon – This cannon is not like your ordinary cannon. Instead of raining death and destruction, the Confetti Cannon rains sparkles, bright colors, and happiness. Click to start a celebration of confetti and move your mouse around to have the confetti follow!

Cupcake Gun – It’s never been easier to launch a cupcake at someone’s face with the Cupcake Gun! Another delicious projectile peashooter in our line of culinary cannons, make your fellow Robloxians feel your warm, soft, doughy vengeance!

Talk about the new gear in the forums. Some of these were made by our newest gear builder, HotThoth! I encourage you all to welcome him to ROBLOX!