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Happy Birthday ROBLOX!

September 1, 2010

by John Shedletsky

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As some of you may already know (probably from reading the blog post below this one), today is ROBLOX’s birthday! In addition to the free birthday gift we gave out, here is some other cool birthday stuff:


Classic Birthday Cake Hat – If only those candles each represented a year ROBLOX has been around…

Silly Birthday Cake Hat – Birthdays and silliness go hand in hand.

ROBLOX Birthday Party Hat – PARTY TIME!!!! WOOO!!!!!


ROBLOX Birthday Cake 2010 – This guy came out of the present hat ROBLOX was giving away! Hope you were able to snag one!

Birthday Dance Party Potion – Everyone knows the most appropriate time of the year to spawn a dance floor and cut a rug is on your birthday. Make sure you have enough room around you when you try to use this however….

Make sure to check out the catalog this weekend as well, because we can’t celebrate ROBLOX’s birthday for just one day! Discuss all the new birthday stuff here.