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Rocket to the Moon

August 6, 2010

by John Shedletsky

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Happy August my fellow Robloxians! To kick off the month we’ve got some new gear to showcase:

Rocket Launcher – This has been a request for a long time, but we wanted to wait until we could do it right with some visual effects. A pretty straightforward device… it launches rockets. Just make sure you don’t launch it at a wall directly in front of you, or else this next piece of gear might be better suited for you.

Bag O’ Noobs – This isn’t your ordinary bag, as it comes bursting to the seams with n00bs, ready to jump into action. Aim carefully at your foe and release a group of three noobs. Aim really carefully and you might even make someone catch noob-itis.

Moonwalk Dance Potion – Are you thrilled you can look like a smooth criminal with this potion? With one sip you’ll be walking backwards while walking forwards……….. it’s complicated.

Winsome Wizard Wand – Emit green balls of magic energy to repel enemies with Wizard Wand. This particular wand was made with Tresselwood with an infusion of Broaderbane, perfectly stylish and comfortable for any Robloxian.

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