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Not to Toot My Own Horn, but…

August 20, 2010

by John Shedletsky


This weekend we have four new gear items to sell, all of which can be used to accomplish completely different goals!

Bugle Horn – Rally the troops! With this horn you can signal your friends for mess hall, a rally point, or you can blow it directly in their ear. All valid choices.

Slingshot – A classic tool of youth the world over, you might find this particular slingshot a bit more powerful. With enough luck, you might be able to take out a window, or knock the hat off a fellow Robloxian. Find your Goliath and see what happens…

Staff of Gloomy Grip- This staff summons the smoky hand of great dark stickiness. What is the smoky hand of great dark stickiness you say? This entity only abides by one rule; keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

Remote Mine – For those Robloxians that like to set traps, we have the perfect explosive for you. Simply click once to set up a mine, and click again to detonate (you might want to make sure you have some clearance though, as explosions tend to not discriminate against its creator and the environment). Disclaimer: with current remote mine technology a small audible energy pulse may emit from aforementioned mine.

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