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njay has been working at ROBLOX all summer on some important improvements! He’s a behind-the-scenes guy but now we’re bringing him out to meet you! Here is an interview I did recently with njay. You can welcome him on our forums!


What are you working on at ROBLOX?

I’ve been at ROBLOX for two and a half months now and I’ve worked on lots of different things like the ability to pay with your cell phone and the new website theme.

Who else at ROBLOX you are teamed up with?

I work closely with RobloTim and together we will make the site even more amazing.

Do you like games?

Team Fortress 2 and Alien Swarm

Where are you from?


What college did you go to?

UC Berkeley

Do you have a message for the users?

mmm. Not really. Make one up for me. lol!