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Fire and Ice Gear

August 13, 2010

by John Shedletsky


It’s about to get a bit colder and hotter in Robloxia. It’s been awhile since gear being released has had a theme, so we thought it would be fun to throw an Ice vs. Fire weekend. Pick your side and fight for your element’s supremacy! Or collect them all and beckon Mother Nature to your will!

Fire Gear

Firebrand – Once a Robloxian wields this mighty sword, the blade ignites into a fiery foil of fearsome fencing. This sword is similar to most other swords, except for a double click will send a fireball screaming towards your target.

Staff of Crimson Chaos Fire – Control fire in three unique ways with this staff! To cycle through the staff’s abilities push the ‘R’ and ‘F’ keys to change the active spell. Make sure to plan your attacks wisely, however, as it will take a few moments for the staff to regenerate its abilities.

Ice Gear

Frostbrand – The mirror twin of the Firebrand, Frostbrand’s freezing cold grip and icy blade will make all of those who possess it wish Winter was all year round. Double click to launch a freezing ice ball in the direction of your mouse!

Staff of Azure Ever Ice – Summon the cold to fight for you. A definite improvement over the original Ice Staff, this version allows you to pick between three different spells as you see fit for the current situation. Very much like the Staff of Crimson Chaos Fire, make sure to use these spells wisely, as this staff has to recharge in order to be used again.

You can look forward to the swords coming out today, and the staves coming out tomorrow. Talk about the new gear in the forums.