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Pay with Your Cell Phone!

July 25, 2010

by Navin Lal


We’re happy to announce a new way to buy stuff at ROBLOX! It’s called Boku PayMo and it’s a way for you to pay with your cell phone without the need for those pesky credit cards.

How does Boku PayMo work?  It’s simple. Just enter your cell phone number on the PayMo payment option, wait for a text, and reply ‘Y’ to collect your items! You can find the Boku PayMo option on our Buy ROBUX and 6 month Builders Club Membership payment pages.

*PayMo by Boku is currently limited to the US.  Products costing more than $29.99 are not purchasable with Boku PayMo.  Only users aged 13 or older may use Boku PayMo. Get parental assistance if you are under 13.