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Intern Roll Call!

July 12, 2010

by reesemcblox


We have four great interns at ROBLOX this summer. They are working on all sorts of zany projects. Welcome them on our forums!


The Return of socom1880 

socom1880 socom1880 is back for his third year of heavy duty intern work! He’s making hats and gear. Mostly he is working with Brighteyes, since she is the boss of hats and gear.

His hobbies are Soccer, basketball and making Xbox games. He’s been too busy to play and computer games this Summer.

This is what he has to say to the ROBLOX players, “Get Builder’s Club! It’s so much more fun!”


He’s the tallest of the interns, and here’s what he has to say about himself!

ZacropetricopusI’m now working on a cool new Youtube video upload feature right from inside Roblox!

Hobbies: Listening to Music, Tennis, Badminton and Nature Photography.

Games he likes:

As a kid, I started off playing Contra and Super Mario on a Sega console that I loved. Later, I moved on to PlayStation 2 and enjoyed playing FPS like Medal of Honor and Metal Gear Solid. During my undergrad, I mostly played multi-player games like AOE, CS and Dota. These days, I don’t find time to play games as I’m too busy with my school-work! I hope to revive my gaming skills when Microsoft Kinect comes out!

I hail from Chennai, India. I did my under-graduate studies at BITS-Pilani in the state of Rajasthan in north-western part of India. At present, I’m doing my Masters at Stanford University.

Never say something is not possible. With true passion and belief, you can achieve the impossible! 


He’s the most bling-tastic of the interns, and here’s what he has to say about himself!

zontanferrahI’m testing whether or not it’s possible to play Roblox on handheld devices like iPad, and Android Tablet. Fingers crossed, all.

My hobbies include dragons, roleplaying, video games, dragons, Legend of Zelda, dragons, the internet, and dragons.

My favorite games are the Legend of Zelda series, and Super Smash Bros. Brawl. I also spend way too much time playing stupid flash games.

I’m born and raised in California, lived here all my life, and I’m currently attending UC Santa Cruz to become a video game designer. Best job ever.

He adds:

"So, kids, a couple things you should know about dragons… they’re greedy, selfish, incredibly cunning, and very dangerous. They’re also incredibly loyal to those they respect. All these things apply to me. So beware, because dealing with a dragon is very tricky. Good luck."

bloxxerGax bloxxerGax

He’s the quietest of the interns. That must mean he’s working the hardest! He’s working with Zacropetricopus on video/audio recording, taking in-game screenshots and getting ROBLOX linked up with Facebook.

He’s going to Stanford University too!

His hobbies are Soccer, guitar, music and PC games.

He says, “I love games. My favorites are Portal, Mirror’s Edge and Baldur’s Gate 2.”’m studying at Stanford.