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Gear Goes Green!

July 16, 2010

by John Shedletsky


This week we have some interesting new gear, mostly all user generated ideas. I hope everyone has as much fun using it as I did creating it!

Vine Staff – For those of you with green thumbs, protect yourself from your enemies with Mother Nature. Creates a shield of vines, which are impenetrable.

Blunderbuss – Too many Robloxians coming at you in all directions? The blunderbuss randomly fires projectiles in all directions of the target direction, insuring that even if you aren’t a good shot, you’ll hit something.

Terrible Trident – Coming straight from Poseidon, this trident will strike fear in the hearts of it’s victims. But seriously, it will literally go through Robloxians. Click once to thrust the trident forward, double-click to launch it!

Ninja Plushie – He may look cute, but this ninja is full of surprises. Simply throw at any object and instantly camouflage yourself.

Talk about the new gear in the forums.