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Anybody Have a Mini Race-track?

July 30, 2010

by John Shedletsky


This weekend we bring you four new pieces of gear, all of which are really fun!

RC Car – Drive around in style, for fun or tactical advantage. Simply click the steering wheel of the RC Car to deploy (or click again to bring it back to you), and use the regular walking keys (WASD) to move your new vehicle. The best part is, no battery changing required!

Fire Extinguisher – We realize here at ROBLOX HQ that with all the new fire spreading so rapidly, it might be a good idea to have a way to combat wildfire. Direct the extinguisher at any fire you wish to put it out, although it isn’t guaranteed all fire will stay out for good…

Torch – Now for those of you that probably don’t care for the fire extinguisher (or maybe you just like to cause a bit of mischief every once and awhile), you might want to check out the torch. Just like fire, the torch will catch objects it comes into contact with on fire, but only if it is the right material…

Barrel – Specifically designed to showcase the strength of Robloxians, the barrel can be thrown to great distances, pummeling those in its 8-bit way.

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