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Triple Hats and Follow Friends!

June 8, 2010

by Becky "reesemcblox" Herndon

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Hi everyone! We have two exciting new features. You can start using them right away.

Triple Hat Feature

AgentCG blox31 al648


All you have to do to use this feature is put on more hats! You can have up to three hats at a time on your character. When you put on a fourth hat it will replace the hat you put on first. You can really mix things up!

Wear hats, masks, hair, wings, horns, shoulder pets, necklaces… Go for it!

Follow Friends Feature

Profile Join

There are two ways to follow friends. You can either go to their profile and join them in their game, or join them from chat!Chat Join

A few things to remember:

  • Your friend needs to be Online
  • They need to be in a Game
  • The game may be full when you try
  • The game may be over when you try


ReeseMcBloxRobloTim and RobloSam hope you like these features a lot! We expect to see so much creativity from the users with their triple hats. It should also be way easier to play with your friends now.

You can post your THF creations and talk more about this on the forums!