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This dynamic duo has been working behind the scenes to keep things humming along at ROBLOX. Welcome them on our forums!



tweedsuit has been here a while but working in secret to make the magic happen. She’s working on Marketing, Business, Recruiting, and everything in between.

tweedsuitShe says, “Brighteyes is the best officemate ever!”

tweedsuit enjoys reading 20th century French literature, sci-fi/fantasy and comic books. She also likes watching Nouvelle Vague films, shopping, and pretending to exercise.

Her favorite games are Final Fantasy series (she’s currently playing FFXIII), Mortal Kombat, Diablo II, The Sims, Ace Attorney series, Dr. Mario, and board games.

tweedsuit is from the “Yay Area” in California. She went to the University of California at Berkeley, and she says, “Go Bears!”


vaiobotvaiobot has also been here a while and working in secret to make the magic happen. Here is a mini-interview with him…

What you are working on at ROBLOX?

I help Roblox with billing problems. Also, I’m helping to make the office more fun!

Who else at ROBLOX you are teamed up with?


Tell us a bit about yourself.

I like video games, swimming and drawing. For games I like Roblox, The Sims and puzzle games. I’m from San Francisco. I went to UC Berkeley with tweedsuit.

Do you have a message from you to the users?

Don’t use credit card’s w/o permission or I’ll getchuuuu!  :P