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Interview with noob007

May 13, 2010

by reesemcblox


noob007 Who?

It’s noob007!

But who is that? Hmm, his user ID# is pretty low and he’s a ROBLOX Admin and he has some awesome exclusive hats. How have we never heard of him?!

Well here is your chance. I was finally able to secure an interview with him after months of negotiations with his people. Here it is, the interview with ROBLOX’ secret developer! Talk more about this interview on the forums!


What is your favorite thing about working for ROBLOX?

Definitely the best thing about working for ROBLOX is having UNLIMITED ROBUX!!! 😉 just… kidding…

Seriously the best thing about working for ROBLOX is the team of engineers behind the scenes.  It is awesome working with a brilliant team of developers with expertise in so many different fields of programming.  Also I can’t tell you how many laughs and wow’s I’ve had interacting with so many cool kids who play ROBLOX and drive the incredible creativity of our game.

Why did you join the ROBLOX team?

My previous experiences were mostly in the corporate world where creativity and ingenuity take a back seat to almost everything else.   Imagine playing Zombie Mall on ROBLOX but instead of trying to survive you are one of the zombies. Sounds pretty boring eh?

Well that is like comparing corporate work to working at ROBLOX! 

I joined to work on incredibly complicated (but fun!) engineering problems with lots of other super smart people and it has been a blast (much like surviving a zombie invasion!)

How old were you when you started getting into computers and how did you learn to?

cassette tapes lolI first started programming on an old Atari 400 computer.  Mostly my brothers and I would play games on it, which were loaded by cartridges.  Back in those days we did not have hard drives, but you could save data onto magnetic cassette tapes. Ah… I can still remember the cassette tapes laying around and of course the membrane keyboard!


My first programming attempts were at creating forms for D&D character pages 😉 however I would say one of my first major programs was written on a TI graphing calculator in the 9th grade which had support for Basic.  I would write programs to hold all of my scores from assignments and tests which would then pre-calculate my grades for each class and show some stats (I know… very nerdy!).  The big problem was that whenever I had to change the batteries there was about a 50/50 chance that my programs would be lost so re-writing them was a pretty normal occurrence.  I think this is what really taught me the true value of refactoring code because it was clear that every time I re-wrote a particular program it was smaller and more clever.

How did you get Telamon to make you the Crown of the Dark Lord of SQL? What is SQL?!

Ah… the Crown!  SQL is an ancient and cryptic language of the Data Lords from a lost computer age (way back in time when numbers were only 16 bits old!)UNLIMITED SQL POWER!!!

Telamon forged a Crown which gives the wearer UNLIMITED SQL POWER!!!  What is it like wearing the crown?  For those of you who have watched the ThunderCats, imagine being Mumm-ra "the ever-living source of evil" except replace "evil" with "SQL" – yeah…. that’s exactly how it feels.


How would you explain a database in three sentences to your ten-year-old friends on ROBLOX?

Computer data is based on controlling the flow of electricity being certain points of transistors.  Most of the time you want to store this data for future use in a way that allows you to ask questions about the data without forgetting any details about the data.  Databases provide a way of storing data and querying data, even if the data was created years ago!  Think of a library, which stores thousands of books with some way of finding books based on subject, author or title – that is basically what a database does but for computer data instead of books. 

(yes… I know that was my 4th sentence… but I’m claiming the classic "zero-based indexing defense", so it was Sentence[3] 😉

Is it true you work for a secret underground bunker located somewhere in the Northeastern United States?

I can neither confirm nor deny that question without seeing your top-secret security clearance!

Are you an alt of Telamon?

I can neither confirm nor deny that question without seeing your top-secret security clearance!

What are your hobbies?

Classical Guitar, Video Games, Farming, Hunting, Biking, Eating 😉

What other games do you like to play/favorite games?

Gothic I & II, Counter-Strike (and Condition Zero), Serious Sam, Half-Life I, Halo I & II, Stronghold 2, Jedi Knight Outcast, Ultima Underworld I, Army of Two, any Co-op game I can play with my son.

When someone writes your biography, what do you think the title will be?