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I Can See Right Through You

May 14, 2010

by John Shedletsky

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This weekend we will have three new gear items available, all of which I’m proud of.  Hope you guys enjoy them!

binocBinoculray – R$400: Shown above, the Binoculray is the latest in binocular/x-ray hybrid technology!  Zoom in through walls and obstacles and see what goes on behind closed doors.  A must have for every spy.

battleAxeIcon  Battle Axe – R$225: Let me axe you a question……… Why wouldn’t you want a battle axe?

GreenGunIcon Green Paintball Gun – R$300: The next in series of paintball guns.  Make your friends have a green thumb! Or face, or arm… I guess really any part of their body.



As always, keep the ideas coming!  The binocular idea was suggested by many Robloxians, all I did was add a slight twist to it. Have fun this weekend! Talk about the gear items here.