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Dancing with N00bs

May 28, 2010

by John Shedletsky


Happy memorial day weekend everyone! To celebrate the holiday, we here at ROBLOX have lots of new stuff for you guys!

Dance Potion – Never a very good dancer? With this potion you’ll be cutting rug in no time!

n00b Tube – The highly rumored and coveted n00b tube is here! Now! Click on a fellow Robloxian and the n00b will annoy them to no end. Click anywhere else, the n00b wanders aimlessly.

Nova Wand – Shoot sparks in all directions with Nova Wand, great when you are outnumbered! Ultra effective while wearing the Thunder God Headdress!

Talks about the gear in our forums.

We also will be having some new skateboards released over the weekend, so keep your eye out for those. As always, keep sending me gear requests, you guys fuel my creativity!