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Pirates Treasure Building Contest

April 13, 2010

by reesemcblox


CC 2.0 license

The pirates have stolen the treasure and buried it somewhere hidden! It’s up to our builders to create awesome levels where you can find the treasure!

CC 2.0 license

Note to builders – get creative with this! You can have islands, caves, maps, skeletons, sharks, anything!

Maybe your players are the law of the high seas tracking down nasty pirates to get the treasure back. Historically, governments sent out their own fleets to chase pirates, though sometimes it was merchants trying to recover their goods.

Or maybe the players are another band of pirates hoping to gain some epic booty for themselves! The treasure can be wherever and whatever you imagine it to be. Be sure challenge your players so they vote for your place.

So that’s the building contest – Build a world with a buried pirate treasure that the players have to find! Get started building or playing here.


Red Pirate Juice Blue Swashbuckler
Green Macaw Defeated Shark








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