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Egg Hunt News

April 5, 2010

by Becky "reesemcblox" Herndon

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Hi everyone,

In 2008 we had an egg drop event where eggs rained from the sky in every place. Some eggs were easy to get, some eggs were almost impossible. The users loved it! Ever since then we have wished to hold another egg drop event that is even bigger and better than that one.

This year we tried to fulfill our wish – and yours – to have a massively multi-player online egg hunt (MMOEH). The response was overwhelming and exceeded all of our expectations. Our game servers were literally overloaded with all of you trying to grab eggs, so much so that we had to end the contest early. We learned a lot from this experience and will have another egg hunt soon (see below).

We appreciate how excited you all were this weekend -that is great energy and we love it! To thank you for being patient while we work things out, we are giving Golden Egg Beaters to everyone for the next couple days. All you have to do is go to the Golden Egg Beaters and click Take One! Yay!Eggy!

So what’s next?

We are going to work over the coming weeks to build out our network to support a proper MMOEH. When we are sure things will work out for a real egg hunt, we will announce it!


When Will The Hunt Be? – We need to rework the way to connect players to games before we can run another egg hunt. We’re putting the wraps on our current release, and then we will begin work on that project. We’re probably looking at sometime in late April or early May.

I Bought BC for the Hunt! – All current (and new) BC members will continue to get the Egg Basket gear item. If your BC expires, you will keep the egg basket. Hold onto it for the upcoming hunt!

I Bought Egg Hunt Gear! – Most of the egg hunt gear we sold is set to expire in a couple of days. When the new hunt starts, everyone who bought any of the egg hunt gear items will get new copies of those items.

I Already Found All the Eggs! – To keep things exciting, the new egg hunt will include additional eggs from the devious mind of Telamon and Jeditkacheff.

Thanks again for your support and love of ROBLOX. You can talk more about this news on our forums!