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Spring Saturday

March 27, 2010

by John Shedletsky


We’ve got some great stuff for you on this beautiful spring Saturday.

Poseidon – Can’t swim? Stay away from this guy.

Athena – Beautiful and deadly. Stay on her good side.

Bucket Ninja – Is someone stealing your bucket? Bucket ninja to the rescue!

Chocolate Bunny Ears – Ahhhh! I can’t hear! Oh the humanity! Just kidding…I’m made of chocolate.. I can’t hear anyway.

A quick update on some items in the catalog. We’re going to be discontinuing the Jester’s Cap. The last day to purchase it is March 31st. Get it while you can! Also some very interesting things have emerged from Telamon and Brighteyes’s Treasure Chests. We’ve got the Crafting Jewel, and Brighteyes’ Lavender and Pink Eggs of Anticipation. It seems as if everyone’s favorite springtime bunny might be making an appearance in Robloxia soon. Keep an eye out!

You can talk about these and all of our other items on the forums.