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Wednesday Win

February 03, 2010

by John Shedletsky


We’ve got some fresh new items for you this Wednesday. They win and when you wear them you do too!

Cyrofreezer – Standard issue for the Intergalactic Council.

Ronald McNinja – He delivers super-sized pain.

Leather Skullcap -Stylish and practical! If by practical you mean totally not practical.

Fire Fighter – Are you brave enough to wear this hat?

Sapphiresea Battlehelm – Not for the faint of heart.

Black Fur Cap – In Soviet Russia Black Fur Cap buys you!

Space Monkey – He believes he can fly. And he’s right.

Eagle Crested Woodsman Cap – For him everyday is a walk in the park. Probably a national park.

Talk about all of our hat in the forums.