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Introducing SETS!!!

January 14, 2010

by John Shedletsky


Today we introduce the newest in our line of products to help builders: Sets. Sets are similar to Channels and Feeds in that they help group similar content together. Sets are collections of Models and Decals that a user has found around the site and grouped together. A "Ninja" set, for example, might contain nunchucks, throwing stars, a sword, and a bunch of ninja decals. It could also have ninja training grounds included. If you subscribed to the "Ninja" set, you could then easily find these items while building by using the new Insert tool (which is coming soon).


  • How do I create a set?

    Creating a set is easy! Once logged in, visit My Sets (My ROBLOX -> Sets). You can create up to 10 sets. You can add a description and even an image icon. This icon is used in various places on the site along with your set’s name. As usual, these images and names are moderated.

  • How do I add items to sets?

    Sets can be made from any Models or Decals that are Public Domain and considered to be Trusted. Anywhere where you find these items, you should see a star on the thumbnail. Mouse over the star and select the sets you’d like to add an item to. A gray star indicates that a model is either not Public Domain or not Trusted.


  • How do I share a set?

    When viewing your sets, you’ll notice a URL link below your sets name. If you send this link to a friend, they can view your set and subscribe to it. Feel free to post this URL in the forums or send it via a personal message.

  • How do I find a set?

    You can search for sets in the Catalog. Also, you can subscribe to sets by following the direct link discussed in the section above.


  • What is Public Domain?

    A Public Domain model/decal means that a user can freely use / copy this object. Models and Decals that are not Public Domain are private to the owner and cannot be added to a set.

  • What is a Trusted model?

    Along with sets comes our first reputation system. This is a complex system used to prevent cheaters and hackers from distributing viruses inside of their models. If we determine a model is not trusted, it’s because we do not trust a script inside of it.

    We hope you enjoy the new feature, and feel free to tell us about it (and talk about your own cool sets) in this forum thread.

  • –RobloTim