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Tree-rific Tuesday!

December 1, 2009

by John Shedletsky

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We’re kicking off December with some cool holiday items. They’re tree-rific!

Nutcracker – A holiday tradition. We’re carrying it on – even if his face is a little creepy.

Sci-Fi Santa – Because space kids from the future deserve presents too!

Tree Hat – Celebrate the season with this fabulous tree! Carrying a tree around on your head shows just how committed you are to celebrating! It’s a party anywhere you go.

Lady Ninja – Her middle name is danger… well that’s what it would be if her mom knew that she was a ninja.

ROBLOX Wrestler – ROBLOX takes wrestling seriously. Do you?

Red Assassin – Danger follows the red assassin … or perhaps he follows danger?

A Dark and Stormy Knight – Truly it was a knight like no other.

Minion of the Deep Ones – He doesn’t plan on remaining a minion for long.

Talk about the new hats on the forums.